Laura Willcox

Actress, Writetress, Comedienne (unless that means French comedian? Not French, sorry.)


MY Book

Hey! Why not order my satirical wedding guide book I Am Bride: How to Take the "We" Out of Wedding (and Other Useful Advice)! A parody of the ridiculousness that is wedding culture, it's been featured in the New Yorker's 'Shouts', The Knot, and Refinery29 for pete's sake!

This book was very cathartic for me as I planned my big dumb wedding and I hope it'll help you as you plan your big dumb wedding too.

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My episode for the UCB Comedy series Trolls. Feminist author Dr. Joan Galley discovers that in the internet age there's no such thing as bad publicity.


Life Support is a dark comedy series from UCB Comedy's Brinkman. Below are the episodes I wrote but you can watch the entire series here